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Vertigo & Dizziness

Your Vertigo Clinic in Edmonton

Over a 90% success


rate within only

3 sessions!

The simplest form of Vertigo is very TREATABLE!


Without treatment for this common form of vertigo, you could be waiting for it to fix itself for weeks, months, or even years.  It's not predictable.

Imagine needlessly living with vertigo EVERY DAY.


Disappointing?  Discouraging?  Frustrating?


With treatment, you could be only one week away from relief!

No magic.

No wishful thinking.

No pills.

Just good science.

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Have you noticed that you've made changes in your activities because of dizziness or vertigo?

Do you avoid rolling to one side?

Do you avoid moving too quickly?

Do you leave your home less?

Do you feel you're winning the battle or losing?

How is Dizziness or Vertigo
Affecting Your Life?

Many people are losing.

Inch by inch, day by day.


It starts to affect so many things...

How you move.

How you position yourself.

How you sleep.

How quickly you move.

Where you go.

How often you leave your home.

How safe you feel.

How careful you are.

What activities you do.

Vertigo and Dizziness have an effect on your enjoyment of your life!

It can add up to increasing anxiety, as well as depression.

Whether dizziness is


Frustrating, or


you may be able to change the direction of the battle.

Imagine finally being able to fight back!

We're here to Help!

Now it's time to do something about your dizziness!


You can book an appointment to have a full assessment of your condition, and we will help you build a rehabilitation and treatment program designed to minimize the impact dizziness is having on your life.

Dizziness can sometimes be a complicated problem and Physical Therapy may be only part of the answer, but that's OK!

We are fully committed to working with your physician to help you manage your condition.


This is your life...


Your story...

And we're here to help YOU!

Check out the Online Schedule Button below.


Call or email to find out more!

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