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Like sports?

Ankle sprains become recurrent 75% of the time.

Balance exercises reduce the risk.

If you're 65 or older:

Falls are the number one cause of injury related death!

Strengthening and Balance exercises reduce the risk.


Do you feel unsteady on your feet?

Do you avoid activities you enjoy because you're worried about falling?

Do you stay at home more because you're concerned about your unsteadiness?

Do you have difficulties with a re-occurring ankle sprain that's stopping you from enjoying the sport you love?

Let's Build a Program for YOU!


Do you want to

get back to the sport you love

with a reduced chance of re-injury?

Do you want to

reduce your chances of a fall

that might lead to broken bones, concussion, or surgery?

A program

designed specifically for you is

a good place to start.




This clinic was built for people like you!

Balance exercise programs reduce the chances of falls, injury, and death.

We can help sort out the likely problems that are causing your imbalance, and create a rehabilitation plan to help you.

Click the Online Schedule Button.


Call or email us to learn a little more.

Concussion treatment

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Check out Kurt Browning's skate for Born to Move!

Born to Move 2017: Complete Kurt Browning Skate

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