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Together at the Top

Hi there !

Glad to see you're curious about the therapist.

My name is Blair, and honestly it feels a bit strange to write about myself.

 A little too much "Hey look at me!"

BUT, since you must be interested in learning a little about me...

A graduate from the University of Alberta, I've been a physical therapist since 1996.

If you're interested in credentials:

I have certification in Advanced Orthopedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (yeah, that's a mouthful).   Just to let you know, this is the highest level of certification available in Canada. 

(You might meet a physical therapist talking about orthopedic levels, well an advanced certification is awarded to those that pass the exam after level five is completed).

I also have certification in Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation through the American Physical Therapy Association in partnership with Duke University.

(This is the highest level of certification available in North America and focuses on examination and rehabilitation of more complex conditions that cause dizziness).


What I  really want to tell you is how these credentials allow me to help so many people struggling with dizziness or balance difficulties, and those recovering from concussion.


I love being able to work in a clinic focused and dedicated to helping people that are being limited by these problems.

It's exciting to be part of such a unique facility in Edmonton.

Thank you for browsing through my little piece of the website. 


If you'd like to work with someone that helps people like you every day, I'd be happy to help you move beyond dizziness, vertigo, and concussion.

Hope to see you soon!   :)

Blair Graham Concussion and Vertigo.jpg
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