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Fatigue after Concussion

Fatigue after Concussion

Fatigue after a concussion is common.

It's important to realize that your normal "gas tank" of brain energy for the day is much smaller than it was before the concussion.

Many people try to just push through the fatigue and it back just feel even more exhausted.

People describe feeling like a failure because there was a big to-do list for the day but almost nothing got done.

OK so now what?

Well, here are some things to consider...

  • Do you have a good sleep schedule?

  • Are you getting a restorative sleep - are you feeling refreshed in the morning?

  • What part of the day do you feel the best. You can use this time to get one important item off your to-do list?

  • Are you taking some breaks through the day to recharge or refill your smaller than normal energy "gas tank"? Plan ahead so you don't push yourself into heavy symptoms.

There are many things to consider when building a Concussion Recovery Plan.

Getting some guidance can be a great decision.

We'd love to help!


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