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Barriers to Returning to School after Concussion

Barriers to returning to school after concussion

A 2022 survey of students revealed some interesting points of perceived barriers to the return to school process after a concussion.

  • Lack of a graduated Return to Learn process.

  • Students’ internal stress.

  • Poor communication of expectations.

  • Lack of concussion education.

  • Inadequate support from teachers.

It appears that lack of education about concussion and lack of communication are the underlying issues causing difficulties with the return to school process after concussion.

Returning to school often involves a graduated process with academic adjustments. The exact details of this process should be individualized to the student based on their specific symptoms and sensitivities after concussion.

The school, medical team, student, and family are all partners in achieving a healthy recovery for students after concussion.

You can learn more on our concussion page:


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