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Facilitating Return to School after Concussion

Facilitating return to school after concussion

Facilitating Return to School after concussion.

A 2022 survey of students returning to school after concussion found several factors that were problematic during the return to school process and offered suggestions to better facilitate the gradual return to school / return to learn.

The main suggestion was to have a primary contact person in the school to act as a facilitator.

The facilitator can assist in

  • Monitoring academic adjustments.

  • Provide reassurance regarding the adjustments.

  • Improve education among teachers and students.

  • Enhance communication between everyone involved.

There are often many people involved in the return to school process after a concussion including medical, family, school, and student. Only by working together can we be successful at facilitating return to school after concussion.

Continue learning more on our concussion page.

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