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Returning to School after Concussion: A Winning Team Approach

Returning to school after concucsion

Returning to school after concussion:  A Winning team approach


A student’s concussion management team ideally has several people that assist in building a successful recovery.


Teams and their roles:


The Family Team.

  • Monitor symptoms.

  • Encourage a good environment for concussion recovery as outlined by the medical team.


The Medical Team.

  • Diagnose the concussion and rule out other more severe injury.

  • Educate the student and family about what to expect during recovery, and how to build an encouraging environment for recovery.

  • Encourage early return to light activity following the first 24 – 48 hours of rest after the concussion.

  • Provide a rehabilitation program of exercises according to the individual’s symptom profile, sensitivities, performance on testing, and tolerance.

  • Provide suggestions of environmental adjustments and scheduled breaks to encourage a successful early return to school following the first 24 – 48 hours of rest after the concussion.


The School Team.

Ideally 2 point people: 

1) Academic and emotional supervisor.

2) Physical symptom supervisor.

Review symptoms and adjust the student schedule and requirements accordingly.

Assist in building a good environment for a successful recovery. Examples:

  • Scheduled rest breaks

  • Early dismissal from classes

  • Minimizing the chances of another concussion before this one is healed

  • Adjusting environmental factors like lighting

  • Avoiding homework and testing in the beginning

  • Gradually increase academic requirements as tolerated.


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