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Electronic Screens may slow your recovery from Concussion

Electronic screens after concussion may slow recovery
Electronic Screens May Slow Recovery


Recovery time: Avoiding screen time: 3.5 days on average. Unlimited screen time: 8 days on average.

  • People limiting screen use during the first 2 days after a concussion reported concussion symptom resolution in 3-and-a-half days on average.

  • People not limiting screen use during the first 2 days after concussion reported concussion symptom resolution in 8 days on average.

Total screen time reported by each group on average; Screen avoidance group: 130 minutes over 2 days (about an hour per day) Unrestricted screen use group: 630 minutes over 2 days (about 5 hours per day)

This information is from a 2021 study of 125 people aged 12 - 25 years old presenting to the emergency department and diagnosed with concussion.

  • The first group was instructed to avoid electronic screens for the first 48 hours.

  • The second group was instructed that they could use electronic screens as long as it didn't provoke symptoms.

Both groups were also instructed to avoid work or school work during the first 48 hours as well.

All participants completed the Post-Concussion Symptom Scale every day during the 10 day study. This scale is a self report measure of 22 concussion symptoms in which the participant rates each item in terms of severity. Recovery was defined by a total score of 3 points or lower.

The take home message of this study supports current recommendations: Take 1 - 2 days to rest after a concussion.

Then you can start to gradually get back to to doing more thinking activities and physical activities.

Wondering if you're slow to recover from a concussion?


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