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When can I return to my sport after a concussion?

When can I return to my sport after a concussion

Returning to competitive or contact sport after concussion:

There is not a perfect way to determine when a person is fully ready to return to competition.

There is not a scan or a blood test or any other biometric test that can determine this.

So we need to base the decision on how the person feels, how they perform in school academics, how they are observed to perform during testing, and how they perform during sport practice.

So with this understanding here are some items that are considered during the decision making process for return to sport after concussion.

  • The person is not symptomatic or has returned to the pre-injury symptoms while at rest.

  • No increase in symptoms during high level physical exertion, and this does not provoke increased symptoms over the next 24 hours.

  • Stationary and dynamic balance testing, including sport specific drills, do not demonstrate imbalance or difficulties with coordination.

  • Health care practitioner clinical exam is unremarkable.

  • Return to full time school with regular classes and workload without increased symptoms, and a return to normal grades.

  • Medications are not being used to control symptoms.

  • Non-contact sport practice without increased symptoms, and the coach observes that athlete performance appears back to normal.

  • Medical clearance

  • Sport practice with contact does not increase symptoms, and athlete performance appears normal to the coach.

An athlete should be tested with a bedside clinical exam, aerobic exertional testing, stationary and dynamic balance, as well as sport specific tasks before planning a return to practice.

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