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Vertigo. How long does it last ???

How long does vertigo last
How long does vertigo last

You have an excellent question!

But the answer depends on the source of the problem.

Here are a couple of examples...


1. You have inflammation of a nerve connected to the inner ear.

in this case, you may experience continuous spinning vertigo for 1 - 3 days.

Once the vertigo subsides, you will likely feel mostly fine when you stay completely stationary, but dizziness will be provoked with head movements, especially quick head motions. You will also likely feel unsteady on your feet; again worse when moving around too quickly.

In this scenario, a specialized exercise program should be developed and progressed to help your recovery. This falls under what is called Vestibular Rehabilitation. The assessment should highlight the specific difficulties you're having in terms of dizziness and imbalance. The information gathered from the assessment should lead to building an exercise program to help reduce dizziness and improve balance.

This type of program will often last 4 - 8 weeks.


2. You have a common cause of vertigo related to very tiny salt crystals moving through parts of the the inner ear. This is position related vertigo or BPPV.

This type of vertigo is provoked by moving the head into certain positions like rolling in bed, or getting up to sitting from a lying position, or looking upward into a cupboard, or maybe bending forward to put on shoes.

Some people are prescribed medication, but this is primarily used to control the dizziness and make it more tolerable rather than to treat the actual problem.

Medication does not dissolve or remove the tiny salt crystals.

The hope with medication is that the problem will just correct itself with time.


What does the research show about the natural course of recovery from BPPV?

  • 20% of people report spontaneous recovery at a one month follow up.

  • 50% of people report spontaneous resolution at a 3 month follow up.

But with appropriate treatment in vestibular rehabilitation, the simplest form of vertigo can be be resolved within 3 sessions in 90% of people.

That means it could be successfully treated and gone within a week!


Of course, it's your choice. But some people still aren't told about the treatment options.

Many people are excited to learn that a treatment solution is available and the 'wait and hope' strategy can be replaced with the 'punch vertigo in the nose' strategy to get it GONE!.


Vertigo. How long does it last? That depends what's causing it.

That's why Level Up Physical Therapy exists -- to help people like you move beyond the limits that vertigo forces onto your life.

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