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Headache after Concussion

Headache after Concussion

HEADACHE after Concussion.

Headache is the most common symptom after a concussion.

There can be many sources of the headache. Here are some examples.

Disordered Autonomic Regulation (you might think of this as a blood flow regulation problem in the brain). This type of headache might be triggered or aggravated by a certain level of physical exertion

Migraine Headache. If you have a history of migraine, or a family history of migraine, then this can be an issue.

Eye Strain. Difficulty with focusing your eyes or using your eyes together can be a trigger for headache after concussion.

Visual Sensitivity. For some people a busy visual environment can be a trigger for a headache. Some people are sensitive to the brightness of light or sometimes the spectrum / colour of light - this might be experienced as headaches in fluorescent lighting but tolerating incandescent lighting with less problems.

Sound Sensitivity. Some people can be sensitive to sound after a concussion. This sensitivity can also trigger a headache.

Neck Injury. An injury to a muscle or joint in the neck can be a source of headache too. You might feel a headache develop after turning the head a lot or after being in certain postures for too long. Technically this is not directly related to concussion but the neck can be injured during the same moment of the concussion.

The Jaw. Like the neck, the jaw can also be injured at the moment of concussion. In this case, you might find your headache is worse when chewing food or gum.

Fatigue. You might more easily feel fatigued after a concussion, and this can be a trigger for your headache.

Sleep: Poor sleep may be a source of headache, but also can amplify your experience of other concussion symptoms.

A good assessment will inquire and examine these possibilities. You may even have more than one contributing factor to your headache after concussion. Each of these is addressed in a different way so getting a good idea of the sources will allow a better rehabilitation plan to be developed.

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