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Welcome !

If you've been having difficulties with dizziness, balance, or you're recovering from a concussion, then you are now one step closer to taking charge of your condition.


This Edmonton physical therapy clinic was built from the ground up to best serve people like you.

We will listen carefully to your descriptions of how you feel, how it all started, if it's changed over time, and how your condition has affected your life.



Create a plan for you to take charge of your condition.

These types of problems are sometimes complicated, and this means physical therapy may not be the only piece of the puzzle.


But that's okay ! 

We are dedicated to a collaborative care model.

We will always communicate clearly with your family physician to provide valuable information about your assessment findings, make suggestions about what other tests might be helpful in your case, and report any concerns.

If you live in the Edmonton area, call us and we can talk a little about your condition.


Check with us about a time you can stop by and take a look around our clinic.

If you like..

Check out the Online Schedule Button at the top and bottom of this page to find an spot that will work for you.

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